Online BAMS Sanskrit Course

To pursue B.A.M.S. you must have basic knowledge of Sanskrit.

Yes, of course, there are translations available in English or Hindi. But the knowledge is incomplete without Sanskrit. You will realize this when you will dive deep into Ayurveda. Ayurveda exists in the Devbhasha Sanskrit. So many Ayurvedic concepts are deeply embedded in Sanskrit.

One of the beautiful things about Ayurvedic terminology is that once you understand the root words, you can interpret and understand many of the Ayurvedic terms more clearly by breaking them into their original parts.

But so many students have found that Sanskrit in B.A.M.S. is very difficult.

But the reality is very different. Sanskrit is very easy. You will find it very easy in our Online BAMS Sanskrit Course.

Who is this course for?

This course is only for BAMS students. But you will be welcomed if you are Jijñasu.

What will be taught in this course?

All the syllabus prescribed in BAMS will be taught here in detail.

What is the teaching language?

All the lessons prescribed in the syllabus will be taught in easy Hindi or English language


The time can be fixed as per the convenience of the students and the teacher.


Zoom or Google meet can be used for this online BAMS Sanskrit course. If there are any apps other than these, then we do not have any problem using them.


Please contact us for better charges.

We recommend making a batch with your friends or classmates so the fee can be lower.


Kindly contact us here to enrol in our online BAMS SANSKRIT COURSE.

Thank you